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Finding the right home improvement expert that specializes in your particular needs can make all the difference between regret and satisfaction. When it comes to replacing the siding on your home, Continental Manufacturing has you covered with siding that looks great, holds up to the elements, and provides much-needed insulation.

At Continental Manufacturing, we proudly fabricate the following products — using USA-sourced materials and USA-made equipment — at our facility in Independence, MO:

  • Polymer Siding — Our polymer siding isn’t like anything else on the market, offering top-notch durability and unparalleled impact resistance. Plus, it’s completely seamless and comes in a wide range of colorful hues that are resistant to fading, so it’s sure to make your home the most beautiful on the block.
  • Supreme PVC Siding — PVC siding is a great option for homeowners who love the rich, rustic look of wood siding, but don’t want any of its high maintenance requirements. Our PVC siding is low maintenance, energy efficient, and durable enough to last for decades.
  • Continental Seamless Polymer Wall System® — Our exclusive, patented system features seamless, heavy-duty polymer siding that offers triple the strength of vinyl siding. It’s also backed with form-fitting insulation and installed using our patented attaching system to ensure that your siding will stay straight and hold up to the elements for a lifetime.
  • Siding Insulation — Adding an underlayment of insulation to your siding is a wise choice for many reasons. It can enhance your home’s energy efficiency, eliminate moisture infiltration, and add an extra layer of impact resistance. Our insulation is also infused with a chemical that deters termites and rodents.
  • Siding Accessories — No siding project is complete without the perfect siding accessories. At Continental Manufacturing, we offer a wide range of accessories that will provide the perfect finishing touches. Choose from soffits in many styles, inside and outside corner trim, J-Channel, H-Mull, undersill trim, and more.

Continental Manufacturing is not your average siding supplier. We’ve been in business since 1982, providing well-made siding with an individualized touch and a Lifetime Non Pro-Rated Transferable Limited Warranty. We’re the local company that won’t treat you like just another number, but like a part of our family—because you are!

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Continental Manufacturing — Siding, Installation & Reputation You Can Count On

Continental Manufacturing was founded in 1982 by Jerry O’Neal. Picking up his first hammer at 16 years old, Jerry immediately found a love for home improvement. As he worked in the industry, Jerry noticed a lot of common problems with siding, so he invested in a manufacturing facility to research and develop siding products that would perform in a way customers deserve.

While other siding manufacturers made products cheaper and cheaper in an effort to increase profitability for short-term gains, Jerry wanted to provide products that maintained a truly high quality. The result is siding made by a siding installer. No board of directors, no investors to make a high quarterly profit report — instead, a family-owned business with the goal of helping our contractors deliver peace of mind to their customers. We help our dealers and distributors install siding that helps customers love their home.

At Continental Manufacturing, based in Independence, MO, Jerry manufacturers his own polymer and vinyl siding. He has also invented his own streamlined methods of installation and patented his Polymer Wall System® in order to make his siding seamless. With this system, our distributors are guaranteed to have a superior, unique product that homeowners will demand.

The team at Continental Manufacturing wants to be a partner for our distributors and the homeowners who trust our products. For more information about our siding, installation methods, and distributor programs, contact us today.

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